About Us

Our Story

Cake and Paper was born from two long-time friends who have finally squished all of their skills in one great big pot!

Working both within an industry which has so many crossovers and links; birthdays, weddings, babyshowers and christenings to name but a few, we found ourselves regularly refferring clients to each other and soon started to realise that we were missing a trick. We’re so proud of our products and the glowing reviews and reputation that we’ve each steadily built, why not put everything together and make it even better!? So here we have it, we’re incredibly excited to be able to bring and share with you; Cake and Paper.

Matt, a cake-baking and decorating master, has been cooking up a storm for 6 years. During those years he’s baked a bus, a giraffe, a Harry Potter wedding cake, a selection of pot plants and 196 christmas cupcakes fit for a primary school sized feast. The best thing? His cakes taste just as great as they look.

And Vicki, a Studio and Wedding Photographer who is fortunate to have worked both nationally, and internationally, for 9 years. Jumped to the Design and Illustration ship when she found she was just as passionate about her ‘side hobby-job’ designing and illustrating. Her work was creating rave reviews, and keeping her that bit too busy.

So to put it simply, we’re the first and last impression, the invitations and the cake.

Meet the Cake and Paper Team


If you haven’t already met us, or seen us over on the instagram page, we’re the faces behind Cake and Paper.

It’s safe to say Vicki does most of the talking for the team (!!) and you’ll most likely speak to her during the ordering process, however Matt keeps the cool, calm, sensible and logistical head and makes sure everything arrives smoothly and on time.

Vicki getting creative with those brushes...


Team Paper

Hugely passionate about PG TIPS.

Loves cats, toast and paper.

He REALLY loves cake...


Team Cake

Owns a crazy collection of board games.

Loves Star Trek, cheese and cake.